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Singles and nonproject songs.


released June 14, 2016



all rights reserved


23:59 North Charleston, South Carolina

"Just once I'd like to wake up with more time on my hands than hours in the day."

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Track Name: Norman Bates [Prod 2359]
'm a motherfucker. I'm a Psycho.
Norman Bates with a nice flow.
Pockets overweight, need lipo.
Money talk, bullshit walk a motherfucking tight rope.

I go in.
Hos name dropping everytime I come around like,
"I know him and I put that on the bible."
Rap game heavyweight I'm fighting for the title.

I'm so sick, man, I should be going viral.
They trying to take the wave from me, but it's tidal.
I'm the God, no false idols. Killin all these rappers.
Oh my God, check the vitals. I can put her ass to sleep, no Nyquil.

When it comes to pussy I'm the king of pop, Michael
And she Billie Jean. Long live the king.
Jay put out D.O.A. but I'm still gonna sing.
Hip Hop Freddy Krueger, I got killer dreams.

Yo, I'm the best IMO. No problemo.
Show you how its done, that's why they call it a demo.
Fronting 'bout guns and killing just ain't the MO.
If he push me, I can't promise I won't have him playing limbo.

Been dope. That's the scoop, lowdown and the info.
Can't get a dollar out me. I won't even 50 cent hos
'Cause I been doing this shit since Nintendo.
Gotta pay to play, I need mine back 10 fold.

See my name in bold: forbidden sex symbol.
Can't tell me shit. I don't know what I been told.
This is dedicated to all the girls who be fucking
And when you tell them you love them, they tell you, "We're just friends though."

Bitches ain't shit. Word to big Snoop and Ben Folds.
Finally on my way to ownership from a rental.
Ain't nobody better, man, I said that in the intro.
Rap Game Evan Peters. All Tate, no Lorenz though.